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Kitchen fitting service:

Assembling and fitting a new kitchen is not just screwing a couple of cupboards together and putting them in place!

You want your wall units fitted perfectly level and properly secured to the wall. many modern homes have walls that are dry lined or stud partition. Fixing wall units to little more than a sheet of plasterboard takes a lot of skill.

Not all floors are level and many rooms are out of square. Fitting the base units and ending up with all the units at the same level and at perfect right angles can be quite tricky.

Worktops are the crowning glory of any kitchen design. Some people are happy to join the tops with ugly metal strips, but they live to regret it when they discover just how much foodstuffs and dirt collects beneath them.

Today's sinks are usually of the sit in type. That means cutting a hole in the worktop to accommodate it. One slip and the whole worktop is ruined. Likewise for that new hob!

Integrated appliances are very popular but can be a nightmare to install.

When fitting a new kitchen it gives you the chance to rearrange the placement of the sink, hob, washing machine, dishwasher cooker etc. That means a great deal of re-plumbing.

So after spending a great deal of money on those new units are you going to risk ruining them by testing your D.I.Y skills?

I thought not

Enter roythehandyman:

                METAL STRIP JOINT                       BUT AND SCRIBED

d.i.y worktop joint                       invisible worktop joint

                             D.I.Y                                  ROYTHEHANDYMAN

Worktop joints from £60.00 Cut outs from £30.00

I can fit and plumb the sink in for as little as £30.00

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